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Fishing tips

Fishing methods

Most people propbably associate Falkenberg Salmon Fishing with a beautiful mending fly fisher in Garvareforsen, and it is a truly classic fly fishing water. But, for those who has never tried fly fishing, it may seem like a complicated and time consuming thing to learn. Luckily, there are other ways to experience salmon fishing! Here are some practical tips.

Spring fishing

In the spring, the water is normally cold and high. The fish is not really swimming around, but will rather stay still in depressions on the bottom. When the temperature rises, the fish become more active and when it is over 10 degrees C. in the water, most often some time into May, the last kelts and most of the sea trouts will leave the river. Left in Ätran are now big, shiny salmon and this is an exciting time. The bites may be far apart, but if it bites and everything goes according to plan, you will be rewarded with a silver shiny salmon in top condition.

Summer fishing

Towards the end of May, the smaller salmon, called grilse, arrive. Around midsummer and into July, large amounts of grilse run in the river. The first sea trouts that are spawning in the autumn will also start to arrive around midsummer. They are usually big and to try lure them in is a great challenge.

Autumn fishing

In the autumn you have the best chances of catching salmon. The water flow is higher and the temperature is lower. The salmon is often more aggressive in the autumn compared to the summer. This is also the best time for sea trout fishing.