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Autumn fishing

In the autumn you have the best chances of catching salmon. The water flow is higher and the temperature is lower. The salmon is often more aggressive in the autumn compared to the summer. This is also the best time for sea trout fishing.

Ätran in autumn time

During the later part of August and into September, big sea trouts will come to the river. Preferably fish for trout after sunset. It is an excting fishing experience where you can see the trout break the surface when leaping up the river. On rainy and cloudy days, you can, however, fish for sea trouts any time of the day.

At this time of the year, all methods will work. Deep, surface, slow or fast fishing. Fish are all over the river and you can find them in all different types of spots. Keep control over your equipment as the really big salmon males often run the river during autumn time. Aggressive fish, weighing about 8-15 kilograms, will often put up a real fight. Water levels and temperatures differ greatly from year to year. Some years, the low water flows and summer temperatures will continue into autumn, while other years offer colder, wetter and rougher autumn weather.

Tips for autumn fishing

Fly fishing

Fly fishing in the autumn is all about variation. Adjust your fishing in relation to current water flow and water temperature. At low and warm water, use the same fishing methods that you would use in the summer. At higher and colder water, use spring time fishing methods. In the autumn, preferably use flies with elements of brown and orange – both bigger and smaller flies will work. .

Spin fishing

Spin fishing usually starts during the later part of August and is good throughout September. The same principle as for fly fishing applies. Use summer or spring fishing methods depending on the weather conditions. Try slightly more colorful lures with elements of orange or similar colors.


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