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Fishing methods

Most people propbably associate Falkenberg Salmon Fishing with a beautiful mending fly fisher in Garvareforsen, and it is a truly classic fly fishing water. But, for those who has never tried fly fishing, it may seem like a complicated and time consuming thing to learn. Luckily, there are other ways to experience salmon fishing! Here are some practical tips.


Good to know

In the lower parts of Ätran, there is a stable salmon run during the whole season and you can catch salmon coming in from the sea with sea lice in April as well sa in September. Your biting odds will improve if you are active in your fishing. Switch spots often, begin in the upper parts and move downwards between every cast in order to cover the full water area. The fish is often parked in a certain spot and if you stay in the same spot, you might miss the fish lingering further down. You want to surprise the salmon and if it sees the bait too many times, it will not bite. Continuous movement is the most effecient way of fishing in both fly fishing and spin fishing, and it provides everyone the opportunity to reach the most popular spots.

Fly fishing

Most fly fishers choose a two-handed rod that measures 12-15 feet for fishing in Ätran. Two-handed rods are particularly advantageous in high water conditions and are easier to cast in spots with obsticles in the background. Most of the times a single-hand rod measuring 9-10 feet, class AFTM 7-8, is enough. Fish deeper with an intermediate or sinking line at the beginning and end of the season. A floating line or sinking line is good for low water conditions and for temperatures over 16 degrees C. The water is often humus colored and popular fly colors are therefore red, brown, black and orange with a fluorescent element in hook size 2-8.

Spin fishing

Most recreational anglers already have a spin equipment at home that is excellent for spin fishing in Ätran. A rod measuring about 8,5-10 feet with a medium sized spinning reel, or a baitcast reel, is great to start with. A moderate-action rod will create the right feeling in the fishing. The line should be 0,35-0,45 mm, nylon or equivalent braided line. Choose a heavier spoon lure, between 20-40 grams, to maximise casting length and to get the lure into the stream. Falkfish Böx, BX-lure, Toby and Koster are popular lures.

You can also use a sharp-colored wobbler. At warmer water temperatures it may be wise to try a Hallandian spinner, for example an ant spinner or tuna spinner, of 20-25 grams. For, trout fishing, which is popular in Hålan, the lucky lure is the jewel lure or the Falkfish ghost lure. Spin fishing with tube fly is also popular and efficient, either using a narrow weight or the popular Korken – a weight inserted in a cork that will soar in the water. The length of the tippet should be about 1,5-3m.

Fishing with shrimp from Laxbron

To ledger fish from Laxbron you should use your regular spin fishing equipment. A rod measuring about 8,5–10 feet, a medium sized spinning reel, or a baitcast reel, and a 0,40 mm nylon line or equivalent braided line. Bind a tackle. The tackle can be made in different ways, but will most often look like the one in the picture. At the tip of the tackle is a treble hook, size 2-6, depending on the size of the shrimp and the water temperature. Thereafter, about 40 cm line tied to a 3-way swiwel with a sinker in the lower loop.

A swiwel between the hook and the 3-way swiwel may also be good, to prevent the line from getting tangled when the shrimp spins. The bait needs to get down into midwater, and the weight of the sinker may vary from 10-30 grams depending on the strength of the stream. Boiled prawns has the right color and size, but more often fresh shrimp from the fish dealer is used. It is good to remove the head of the shrimp, so that the bait is not too big. But the fish might bite even on a full sized shrimp. Attach the shrimp on the hook in a way that makes the shrimp rotate in a luring way in the water. It is great to try other typers of baits too, like smaller spoon lures, spinners or flies.

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