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Summer fishing

Towards the end of May, the smaller salmon, called grilse, arrive. Around midsummer and into July, large amounts of grilse run in the river. The first sea trouts that are spawning in the autumn will also start to arrive around midsummer. They are usually big and to try lure them in is a great challenge.

Ätran in summer time

The weather affects the summer fishing in most rivers. But, the fishing in Ätran’s lower parts is usually quite good, even at high water temperatures and in periods of drought since the short-term regulation makes the salmon attracted to leap during high water flow. Salmon generally leap more at higher flows, like after a rainshower. The temperature in the water may be really high and the water low at this time of year, but it varies greatly from year to year. At this time, it is best to go fishing in the early morning or late evening, but daytime may also works, especially if the weather conditions are a little rougher.

At this time, you will find the fish slightly higher up in the water and often in those parts of the river where the stream is strong. Do not be afraid of reeling in the bait fast, you are not able to reel faster than the salmon can swim. In a steady stream, new fish from the sea are coming in to run up the river. If you are lucky enough to be there just when a new step is being passed, prepare for what may turn into an amazing fishing experience. If you see several fish leap in a short time period, be prepared – the bite may come when you least expect it.

Tips for summer fishing

Variation is the key, try to fish the fly slowly, super fast or just let it hang in the water. Do not hesitate to cast a bit more across the river and try to pull in the line with your hands to increase the speed of the fly.

Fly fishing

For fly fishing, most anglers will use a slightly lighter two-handed rod, 12-13 feet in the 7-8 class. During the summer, surface flies usually work best. Fish with a floating line or an intermediate floating/sinking line. Smaller flies in brown, red and black are effective. Try surface flies as bombs and riffling hitches, or small flies in size 12. At really high water temperatures, it may be effective to go deep down in the burrows with a sinking line.

Spin fishing

Spin fishing is normally a little harder at this time of year. Often, there is not much water in the river and the fish prefer small baits. A spinning fly with a casting float, bombarda or cork, may be the key. Spinners may also be successful in the summer time. During rainy summers with a lot of water, the spin fishing is generally really good.

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