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Our stretches

The fishing area extends from the upper limit of the rapids Hertingforsen to the lower bound of Hålan and it is devided into three stretches. The fishing area is only two kilometers long. It could hardly be any easier to find your spot, and moreover, you can easily walk between different spots if you want to vary your fishing.


We want everyone who fish to have a pleasant experience and therefore there are some rules you that you need to be aware of. However, the main purpose of the rules is to protect our wild stock of salmon and trout. So that more people, now and in the future, will be able to experience the thrilling feeling of catching a fish.

Learn to identify what you got hooked

To tell the difference between salmon and trout is not as easy as one might think. Here are som tips on how to tell the difference between the two and on how to tell if it is a female or a male. You can also learn more about salmon that has already spawned, a so called kelt.

Good Manners & Etiquette

We believe that you are doing your very best to protect the fish, the fish stock and the nature, and behave in a proper manner in relation to other anglers. Here are, however, some reminders.


Mandatory catch reporting applies to all parts of Ätran’s fishing waters. This means that you are obligated to report your catch after fishing. Catch reporting is an essential tool for sustainable management and primarily aims to protect our wild stock of salmon and trout. It provides us with valuable knowledge about the number of catches, the species and sizes in our wild stock, where and when catches are made and the methods being used.

Catch and release

More and more anglers choose to use catch and release methods since we nowadays mostly fish for the experience and not fish for food. Whichever method you use, it is important to know how to handle fish that must be released. In certain cases you are obligated to release the fish. Research has shown a high survival rate for released fish, if the release is carried out properly.