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Good Manners & Etiquette

We believe that you are doing your very best to protect the fish, the fish stock and the nature, and behave in a proper manner in relation to other anglers. Here are, however, some reminders.

Två glada fiskare.

Things to consider

Fishing regulations have been established to create a pleasant experience for those who fish and to protect Ätran river salmon and other fish stocks. We are keen to give the fish in Ätran the best conditions possible. You as an angler are obligated to know the applicable fishing rules and to follow them carefully.

Supervision - General rules

  • Fishing licences along with identification must be displayed upon request by the fishing attendant or supervisor.
  • Anglers are required to know applicable fishing regulations and follow them.
  • Fishing is conducted according to the “rotation principle” – i.e., those fishing move continuously downstream with frequent changes of fishing location. One cast, one step is a good basic rule. If another angler is already fishing in the pool, you should begin your fishing upstream. The person who catches a fish must leave the fishing spot and start over in the rotation. Reserving a fishing location – for example, with backpacks or fishing rods – is not allowed. Do not “lock” anglers on the other side with casts that are too long and maintain a suitable distance.
  • As a sport angler, we assume that you will be considerate of the nature and wildlife of the environment you are in. Bear in mind the damage that a fishing line or hook that is discarded in nature can cause. Trash and rubbish should be taken home with you or discarded in containers along the river or by Laxstugan (salmon fishing cottage).
  • Respect and pay attention to cyclists and pedestrians on the pathways around the river.
  • Anglers who violate the applicable regulations and fishing rules or who act in a way that disrupts other anglers and non-anglers will be barred from continuing to fish in Falkenberg municipality’s salmon fishing waters in the Ätran river.

Pointers for your safety

There is always a danger when you spend time in and around water, although it can seem calm and peaceful. When wading, you should be aware that the water level can rise without warning. Wading poles and life jackets are good safety equipment when you fish. Children who spend time around water should always use a life jacket. Fishing alone is not advisable, and you should call for help from those nearby if you are in danger yourself. Keep your mobile phone secure in a plastic case, and in an emergency ring 112.

Boat fishing

If you wish to rent a boat to fish between the Laxbron bridge and Laet you can book a rental boat at the same place you buy the fishing licence, no later than a day in advance. The boat key is picked up and returned to Laxstugan (salmon fishing cottage). Only two anglers are allowed in each boat. Minors may not rent a boat without being accompanied by an adult.

It is possible to fish with your own boat in Hålan. For a fee, you can launch your boat at Falkenbergs Båtsällskap or Lövstaviken’s marina.

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