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In the spring, the fish will be found along the edges of Hålan and there are often several boats bobbing along the waterfront. The chance of catching an early sea trout does not only attract tourists, it makes a great number of otherwise moderately fishing interested locals willing to get out there and try their fishing luck. The area stretches from about 150 meters downstream Tullbron, after Vallforsen, to a bit below Söderbron. The fishing from the dock is easily accessible and it is great for beginners. A perfect fishing experience to share with your children.

Varied fishing

Hålan is not your typical salmon water, even if you can catch salmon there occasionally. The chances of catching a sea trout, flounder, chub or larger perch are much greater. The fishing in Hålan was earlier largely conducted without supervision, but is now part of Falkenberg’s Salmonfishing with high ambitions regarding managment, supervision and service.

Fishing rules

In Hålan, spin fishing, fly fishing, float fishing and ledger fishing is allowed. It is popular to catch flounder here and therefore it is allowed to use worm bait. With float or ledger fishing you may even catch an eel. But the eel is a protected species and must be released. Therefore, please use a C-hook of a dimension that makes dehooking easier. Just as for other fishing stretches, it is mandatory to report all catch. Otherwise, the same rules apply as for the other fishing stretches.