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This is a classic fly and spin fishing water, which also includes the more strong flowing streams of Garvareforsen and Vallforsen. The stretch is devided into eight pools. The upper pools are beautifully enclosed by trees and here, from Laxbron, float or ledger fishing with shrimp bait is a tradition. A unique experience that is suitable for all ages. After Laxbron you will find calmer waters with several hot fishings spots for both fly and spin fishing.

Fishing spots on the stretch Laxbron-Tullbron

In addition to official names, over the last 50 years Ätran’s fishing spots have been given alternative names from old and new anglers. Here is a presentation of these spots from Hans Törngren, an angler with many years of experience of the challenges of salmon fishing in i Ätran.

To find out what applies to different pools, please read the rules.

Fiskeställen övre
1. Laxbron

The bridge Laxbron is particularly an eldorado for shrimp bait angling. It has a number of pillars that create shallows in the river. The streams in between these shallows are called “tubs”, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th tub, counted from Laxstugan on the south side.

2. Black Peter

This is ”the tub” between the south abutment and ”the 1st tub”. An older gentleman who was called “Black Peter” managed, without skills and despite a tangled reel, to catch a salmon here (in the 1950s or 60s).

3. The Pantry

The ”4th tub” used to be the absolute top fishing spot – especially in the 1960s and 70s. Nowadays (2008), the area is shallow due to sand banks, and few salmon will take this route.

4. Knut’s Den

The strait between the island (downstream Laxbron) and the south beach where an old salmon fisher, Knut Karlsson from Mölndal, caught a number of salmon in the 1960s.

5. The Alder

The alder tree right in front of the island on the north shore, where the river suddenly shallows. A hot spot for fishing and good catches at all times.

6. The Spring

Dr Ehrengranat’s memorial at “Doktorspromenaden”, nowadays a dubious fishing spot.

7. The Bouys

A few years old water intake, marked with small plastic buoys, where the river narrows just west of ”The Spring”. Deep section where fish usually stop, making it a good fishing spot.

8. Tobbe’s bush

A bush, west of ”The Bouys” but on the north shore, out of which Thor-Björn Törnqvist time and time stubbornly saw fish rises.

9. The Plank

In the 1960s a wood construction was added to a part of “Doktorspromenaden” to prevent erosion. The planks and piles are rotted by now and replaced with stone filling. The stretch was a good fishing spot with a deep water run along the plank construction.

10. Berts’ stump

Nowadays an almos rotted stump near the roof covered rest area at Laxpromenaden. The name stems from the fact that Bert Karlsson caught many salmon here, right where the river narrows.

11. The Jersey Barrier

At Laxpromenaden at the extension of Tjurängsvägen. A rest area with tables and chairs, and with concrete barriers in front. Smaller deep water run in the river.

12. The Chrismtas Tree

A tree, upstream Fajansbron, that is long gone, but used to be a benchmark for a smaller deep water burrow in the river, where the fish liked to rest.

13. Fajansbron

Between the bridge Fajansbron’s two mighty bridge pillars, the river shallows and becomes a spawning ground for salmon.

fiskeställen nedre
14. The Couch

At Doktorspromenaden between Fajansbron and Vallarnas Open-Air Theater. A couch placed right in front of where the river vigorously shallows.

15. Knarren

A natural rock shallow by the open-air theater, where Ätran is really narrow. No one knows where the name ”Knarren” stems from.

16. Törngren’s place

On the north shore (of Laxpromenaden), just upstream ”Laet”, where undersigned have had extremely good fishing luck, especially in 2007.

17. Laet

Natural shallowing, which in the olden days, before bridges were built over the river Ätran, was used as a ford on the road between Halmstad and Varberg.

18. Garvareforsen

Fly fishing stretch in a rapids.

19. The Sand Banks

The area between Garvareforsen and Tullbron. Only fly fishing during the summer months (June-July).

20. Tullbron

The streams upstream and downstream the stone bridge Tullbron. Only fly fishing during the summer months (June-July).