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Mandatory catch reporting applies to all parts of Ätran’s fishing waters. This means that you are obligated to report your catch after fishing. Catch reporting is an essential tool for sustainable management and primarily aims to protect our wild stock of salmon and trout. It provides us with valuable knowledge about the number of catches, the species and sizes in our wild stock, where and when catches are made and the methods being used.

What should I report?

You are obligated to report all catch of salmon and trout. This also applies to kelt and catch you decided to release. When it comes to other species, reporting is desirable but not mandatory. If you catch a rare species, reporting is important for research purposes. For example, allis shad and twaite shad, which are both protected species, have been sighted in Ätran. It is also important to report unwanted species as, for example, rainbow trout, coho salmon or pink salmon.

Due to the occurrence of ”non-Ätran salmon”, we want to collect samples from salmon that is suspected to be foreign to our natural environment. Some salmon are marked, nose marked and/or adipose fin cut. The fishing hosts are responsible for species identification and sampling. Even Ätran salmon may be subject to sampling. We thank you for your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience.

You report your catch here:

  • Via Webb
    Alternative 1: Click on ”Report catch” on this webpage, fill in your fishing permit number. Then, fill out the form.
    Alternative 2: Click on the link you got via SMS when you purchased your fishing permit.
  • Via the iFiske app
    Log in to iFiskes’ app. Click on ”new catch report” and report catch on current fishing permit. You must first create an account, which is simple and free.
  • Manually
    Go to Laxstugan and fill out a catch report form. Don’t forget to fill in your fishing permit number. A supervisor will submit your catch in the system and add it to your permit.

Estimate the lenght of released catch and measure and weigh other catch at Laxstugan. Please note your catch of salmon and trout on the noteboards outside.

Note! Keep in mind that you have to report according to specific instructions if you want to particiapte in competitions like ”Salmon Fisher of the Year” and ”The Trout Prize” . Check out the rules if you want to participate!

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