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We want everyone who fish to have a pleasant experience and therefore there are some rules you that you need to be aware of. However, the main purpose of the rules is to protect our wild stock of salmon and trout. So that more people, now and in the future, will be able to experience the thrilling feeling of catching a fish.

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Fishing licences 

To fish in Falkenberg’s salmon fishing waters, you need a fishing licence. Fishing licences can be purchased via ifiske.se or Falkenberg’s tourist information office. A licence for the season can be purchased only at Falkenberg’s tourist information office. The number of fishing licences for sale at Hertingforsen is limited, and this number generally is subject to change during the season.  

Fishing hours

The fishing season for salmon and salmon trout runs from 1 April to 30 September, and fishing is allowed from 05.00 to 02.00. The fishing cottage normally is open 05.00 to 23.00 and fishing attendants are available from 07.30 to 09.30 and 17.00 to 19.00. 

Fishing methods

Only fishing with spinning and fly rods and traditional shrimp angling are allowed. Only one rod per person. Angling with worms or live bait fish is not allowed, nor is the use of artificial lures with scents. You will find regulations about which fishing methods are allowed in each section under the heading Pools allocations. Jigging is prohibited under Swedish law. Intentionally or unintentionally snagged fish that are hooked somewhere else other than in the mouth must be unhooked with utmost care and immediately released. 

  • Fly fishing
    Fly fishing refers to fishing with a fly rod, fly line, leader and fly. 
  • Spin fishing 
    Spin fishing refers to fishing with a spinning rod and multiplier or fixed spool reel. The following bait or lures are allowed: spoons, spinners, wobblers, spinner flies, jigs and traditional angling with shrimp. All other baits are prohibited.

Fishing area

The fishing area extends from the upper border in Hertingforsen to the lower border in Hålan and is divided into 3 sections:

  • Hertingforsen – New fly fishing section in the old restored stream channel past the power station. 
  • Laxbron–Tullbron – about 100 metres downstream from Tullbron. Classic fly and spin fishing waters divided into 8 pools. 
  • Hålan – popular for fishing for salmon trout, but also for angling with the kids for flounder or chub.

Sections and pools 

Pool allocations and sections are designated in the terrain with posts that indicate what type of fishing is allowed. See the map with pool allocations. 

  • Hertingforsen Flies all season. Fishing from north side.

  • Pool 1 Spin fishing – all season (50 m downstream from Laxbron to buoys).
    Wading is not permitted between Laxbron and Storön.

  • Pool 2b Spin/fly fishing entire season (buoys to Fajansbron). 

  • Pool 4 Spin/fly fishing entire season. (Open-air theatre to Garvareforsen).

  • Pool 6 1 June to 31 July, fly fishing; at other times fly/spin fishing.
    (Sandbanken – Olympia Garden).

  • Hålan Spin/fly/angling throughout the season. In Hålan fishing with worms also is allowed.

  • Boat fishing: 50 m downstream from Laxbron – Laet. Boat anglers and other anglers should be considerate of each other. Fishing also is allowed with your own boat in Hålan up to the underwater cable downstream from Tullbron at the pool sign.
  • Pool 7 1 June to 31 July, fly fishing; at other times fly/spin fishing.
    (Olympia Garden – 100 m downstream from Tullbron). 
  • Pool 5 Fly fishing entire season. (Garvareforsen to Sandbanken). The water flow in Ätran river is regulated and extra high water levels can mean wading is not possible. In such cases, fishing from land on the north side is possible.  When “the pointed stone” is visible in the rapids, fishing may not take place from land on the north side.
  • Pool 3 Spin/fly fishing entire season (Fajansbron to open-air theatre). 
  • Pool 2a Spin/fly fishing entire season (buoys to Fajansbron). 
  • Laxbron Only for traditional shrimp angling or other permitted baits.
    Casting is not allowed.

Fishing is not allowed from the Fajansbron, Tullbron and Söderbron bridges.

Fish caught 

Regulations for fish caught and registration is intended mainly to protect the wild stock of Ätran river salmon and sea trout. Spawned salmon must be releasedthroughout the season. The daily bag limit (fish kept) is two salmon or sea trout. You may release caught fish and continue fishing until you have reached the daily quota. Remember, however, that this must be done with the utmost respect and care for the fish.

During the 1 April-30 June period, you may catch (fish kept) a combined maximum of three salmon. When you have caught three salmon, you must discontinue fishing for the rest of the period until June 30. In the month of September, all fish over 75 cm that are caught must be released. We recommend that all anadromous fish (especially adult females) caught during the month of September be released. Intentionally or unintentionally snagged fish that are hooked somewhere else than in the mouth must be unhooked and immediately released with utmost care.

Minimum length, measured from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. 

  • Salmon: 45 cm 
  • Sea trout: 45 cm 

Fish shorter than the minimum length must be released immediately. 

Registration of fish caught

Anglers are required to register their catch, which also applies to fish caught and released, spawned fish and other species. Registration of fish caught is an essential
tool for fishery conservation. Report your catch

Boat fishing 

If you wish to rent a boat to fish between the Laxbron bridge and Laet you can book a rental boat at the same place you buy the fishing licence, no later than a day in advance. The boat key is picked up and returned to Laxstugan (salmon fishing cottage). Only two anglers are allowed in each boat. Minors may not rent a boat without being accompanied by an adult. It is possible to fish with your own boat in Hålan. For a fee, you can launch your boat at Falkenbergs Båtsällskap or Lövstaviken’s marina. 

Supervision – general rules

Be sure to check out what we have to say about good manners & etiquette

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