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Falkenberg’s salmon fishing offers exciting fishing for wild salmon and salmon trout. Authentic angling with fly and spin fishing tackle, or why not try traditional angling with shrimp. Through nature conservation efforts, salmon in the Ätran river have been preserved, and they now constitute the strongest stock of Atlantic wild salmon in Sweden. Come and give the challenge of Ätran’s rushing waters a try; from the accommodations available in the city, you have only a short walk to your next fishing experience.

Ätran salmon

Ätran has the only preserved natural stock of Atlantic salmon worth speaking of in Sweden and on the Swedish west coast. Falkenberg Salmon Fishing offers a modern and sustainable fishing directed at a unique wild salmon stock. The Atlantic salmon, a noteworthy name, should rather be called Ätran salmon, are born here and later return to spawn and die here.

The area

From its source in Ulricehamn, Ätran proudly makes its way through the southern Swedish highland, sometime still, sometimes streaming. This life line runs straight through Falkenberg and here, in the midst of the city, you will find a true oasis for salmon fishing. If you wish to combine fishing with other experiences, you have found the right spot.


In 1864, a group of people from England managed to catch 462 salmon in Ätran. It was during that time, the 1900s, angling became popular. But, the salmon is a common thread throughout Falkenberg’s history. From the first settlements, during the Middle ages, through the indutrialisation and into the present. Fishing has belonged to the monarchy and the state, as well as to landlords and tenants.

How to get here

It is easy to get to Falkenberg. You can find practical information here on different ways of getting to Falkenberg and also on how to get around while you are here.


Here you can find information about Laxstugan, which is a great starting point for your fishing experience and exploration of Falkenberg’s salmon fishing waters. Here you can also rent some simple fishing equipment and boats. Do you want to learn more about fishing or about Falkenberg’s salmon fishing waters? Book a knowledgeable fishing guide.


Falkenberg’s Municipality is responsible and manages Falkenberg Salmon Fishing in Ätran through its Culture and Recreation Department. Ätran’s Angling Association is also working actively in some parts of Ätran.